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  • Adding the Laser as a tool in Vcarve

    In order to use the Next Wave CNC laser accessories, they will need to be added as a tool into Vcarve/Aspire. With the recent launch by Vectric of the "Laser Module" add-on, there are two methods f...

  • Adding Post-Processors to Vcarve/Aspire

    There are two methods for adding post-processors to the Vcarve/Aspire software. Visit the post-processor page to find a complete list of compatible post-processors for the various Vcarve/Aspire sof...

  • Start to finish getting started Webinar

    The Webinar video below was hosted by Randy Johnson and provides a basic walkthrough from design to running the Gcode (Tap file) on the CNC machine itself. For upcoming Webinars and Training hosted...

  • Next Wave Portal Account Creation

    The Next Wave Portal Account is your home for product registration and Next Wave software downloads.    Step 1: Create your Next Wave CNC Customer Account Go to

  • 2 & 7 Watt Laser Feed and Power Grid Testing

         Next Wave CNC's 2 Watt and 7 Watt Lasers are great accessories that add another level of customization to your products but determining what feed rate and power value should be used with speci...

  • Square your machine along X and Y.

    When setting up your CNC machine, it is very important to make sure your X and Y axes are square to each other. The following steps will use a 3-4-5 right triangle as the basis for determining if t...

  • LCD Pendant - Blank Screen - Missing text

    "My LCD screen is blank and just beeps."   "The LCD screen is just a white screen."   "The text is missing from the boxes on the LCD Pendant."   The issues listed above are caused by LCD Pendant...

  • About the LCD Pendant

    This Webinar video was hosted by Randy Johnson and provides an in-depth look at the buttons and functions on the LCD Pendant. The schedule, information, and registration for upcoming Webinars and T...

  • No Power

    The loss of power could be caused by a blown fuse in the Controller. If the unit experiences a power spike, the fuse will blow to protect the rest of the system. This fuse is designed to be easily ...

  • Determine the model number for your Shark machine.

        Model numbers are used with the CNC Shark series to set the motor steps per inch values and can be different between the various CNC Shark releases. If you have recently upgraded to the HD Cont...